Talk: Ultimate Platform Power: a situation in the need of change RE:PUBLICA DUBLIN

The net becomes centralized.
For years now, platforms have become more and more dominant in the value chains of retailers, e-commerce and other digital industry. First started as enablers for small business to reach a worldwide audience, the relationship between platforms and business partners is no longer on eye level.
This has led to a number of new challenges, responsibilities and market risks for f.e. game and other app developers that they should take to account while building their businesses.

What are the effects of the new role of platform on customers and business partners? (Lock In effects etc)

How can the balance be restored again for a fair market?

Are platform policies a new legislative layer between state and citizens?

This talk wants to sensitize for the topic of platform regulation on national and EU level. First by naming the challenges, then by discussing possible regulation. Germany as an example has published a white book which could be a first step towards national legislation in this area. EU will also come up with legislation. This will be the topic of the coming year/s